About Us

   A WildWalk is an introduction to the vast bounty hidden in plain sight in BC’s wilderness, semi-wilderness, and even urban areas. Debi will take you on a personalised and interactive tour. We’ll be discussing forager’s etiquette and sustainable harvesting, discovering your personal plant allies, seeking and identifying edible flowers, greens, berries, seeds, roots, trees, and seaweed along the walk. On a foraging WildWalk, even unexpected critters aren’t safe from our wide-ranging appetites. Every WildWalk incorporates the adventure of the wilderness experience and the acquisition of new skills with the holistic benefits of increased energy, and a fortified immune system that come from partaking of nature’s fresh, wild, and free superfoods. A WildWalker is someone who takes steps to reconnect with nature and sees herself as a participant in the wild world.


WildWalkers are people with an abiding, or new, or renewed interest in the wilderness, in natural health approaches, in wholistic nutrition, or in a whole new world of flavours, textures, and food colours. They are people who are interested in a fun, friendly, and informative afternoon spent outdoors with like-minded people. WildWalkers are survivalists, hunters, hikers, and campers; they are students, retired people, and families sharing new experiences; they are visitors from overseas, from other provinces, from just down the road; they are groups and they are individuals; they are you, and they are all of us.


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